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Trident Family Dentistry General Dental Services in Dallas and Richardson

General Dentistry Services

Annual Dental Exams, Cleaning and Preservatives Services

Routine dental exams and x-rays plays a vital role in maintaining an healthy mouth. The AAGD & ADA recommended check up’s twice a year for patients of all ages diagnostics x-rays taken at recommended intervals helps to detect hidden dental condition problems such as inter proximal decay and periodontal/gum issues. Following these guidelines helps to detect and treat dental condition at an early stage then also avoiding the financial costs associated with larger treatment at later stages. Routine dental cleaning/prophylaxis once in 6 months are an important part of maintaining good oral hygienic, healthy gums and teeth. While patients may practice careful brushing and flossing, plaque and tartar can develop especially in hard to reach areas. Our practice strongly believes in empowering patients to care for their own. Thus, we spend a substantial amount of time oral health. Our patient’s education and oral hygiene instructions and provide effective preventive techniques s/a Fi application and dental seatant.

Restorative Dentistry Tooth Colored Fillings

We utilize state of the art techniques reliable safe materials such as composite resin & porcelains to provide you with the most aesthetic, tooth colored filling/restorations. These materials can be used to reconstruct the teeth that have been affected by dental decay or teeth that have been chipped/fractured, thereby ensure that we return your smile to its beautiful and natural looking state.

Root Canal Therapy

It is one of the effective and safe methods to save your natural teeth affected by extensive decay, trauma or crack and chips. This prevents the immediate need implants or dental bridge. Some of the signs that indicates you may need a root canal include visible large decay injury to the tooth, swelling/gum abscess, spontaneous pain in the tooth or pain triggered by temperature change/chewing. While most patients fear the pain they have heard the procedure causes, we at trident make every effort such as using effective local anesthesia and Nitrous oxide as well as the state of art endodontic rotary equipment to make your experience virtually painless and comfortable as possible.


This procedure entails removal of a tooth from your mouth after ensuring the area is adequately anesthetized and patients is comfortable. Despite several options available to save teeth, sometimes a tooth is damaged beyond repair due to extensive decay/infection/trauma or poor periodontal health. Our staff will ensure the procedures is as comfortable as possible and will instruct you on post-treatment care/precautions. We will also discuss options to replace the tooth that you had extracted in order to ensure you are able to chew and function effectively and your smile is not affected.

Tooth ache / Dental Emergencies

A Toothache or unforeseen dental emergencies such as knocked out, fractured or loosened are often extremely painful and should be treated as soon as possible. Call us or walk in immediately and we will accommodate you right away!